Laurence-Jarel Lim thinks following your passion should come first and foremost when trying to find a new career.

Laurence, who works as an internal support engineer, is a born and raised Wellingtonian, calling Karori his home.

He studied a double major in psychology and computer science at the University of Wellington, which he finished last year.

“It’s a cool mix and they relate more than you would think,” he says.

After a month of relaxation and celebration, Laurence thought it was time to put his brand new degree to the test and began job hunting.

“One month after I finished uni 3BF hit me up, I was really lucky. They were like ‘oh yo!’ I’ve got something that I think you might be good for.”

“3BF contacted Solnet and had a chat, then they organised an initial interview for me.”

Several days after a secondary interview, Laurence was asked if he could start in two weeks as an internal support engineer.

“Solnet is an IT solutions company, different departments offer different things.”

“One team might be helping develop an app for a company while another might be maintaining and monitoring the infrastructure, which is what I’m transitioning towards””

Like many graduates, Laurence found adapting to an office environment challenging at first, but far from in a bad way.

“The team I’m in at Solnet have created an awesome environment.”

“My manager is great at pushing toward personal growth, he’s been constantly pushing me toward client work, exams, shadowing workmates.”

The young go-getter is looking forward to sharing his journey and wisdom with people that are in the position he was in only eight months ago.

“Going forward, I’m going to be sitting in on some 3BF mentoring sessions, telling my story and what people can expect going into the tech sector.”

“3BF is really helping out the people, helping out me. I wouldn’t be here without 3BF”.


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