3BF Youth Team

Mona Silika

Tumutevarovaro (Rarotonga), Atiu, Mangaia, Tahiti

Programme Manager, 3BF

I love the innovative model “Learn to Earn” Paid Employment Programme for Youth and Adults, enabling an individual to discover and build towards goals all while being paid. Tech focused by design for insight to what is possible. Being part of guiding youth and adults on their journey is an amazing fulfilling experience, observing growth, improvements is so rewarding. Our 3BF Agency team that work hard, and hustle to place Pacific and Maori graduates in Tech roles.

Georgina Poloa-Tilialo

Employment Services Co-ordinator in the Apprenticeship Programme

Besides the great people that I work with, I love the 3BF vision and mission – to create opportunities for our people to learn and be empowered to go out into their dream job and thrive.

Jay Taala

Safune Savai’i, Satufia Staupa’itea Savai’i, Salelologa, Born and raised in Samoa till the age of 14.

Support coordinator – For incoming cohorts, video and media content creator, technician and part of the 3BF Kidscoin Pastoral Care Team.

3BF is a program aimed at empowering and uplifting people. 3BF offers life lasting values that not only affects the person on the program but also their whanau and communities around them. I love that 3BF is bringing change to our Maori and Pasifika communities by helping one adult, one youth, one student at a time. Every part of this program works so well because of the vision and careful attention that our management team and co founders pay to details. I’m proud and lucky to be a part of this organization.

Terri Teei

3BF Programme Director

I have worked across the different levels of the education sector: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Export Education. These experiences have given me a broad view of education in NZ.

I create the 3BF curriculum that is relevant to our communities and that ensures that we are guiding them towards hard and soft skills that will future proof them as lifelong earners and learners. My passion is to continue to drive for educational and economic equity for all members in marginalized communities.

3BF Recruitment Team

Amanda Groves

Ko Ngāti Manawa te Iwi, No Murupara Ahau

Human Resource Coordinator

I love that 3BF is all about seeing our people supported in all aspects of life, including educational, employment and personal development. Our aim is to see you succeed, however that looks for you!

Sharon Harvey

No nga motu kuki airani ahau, no Pawarenga hoki. Ko te Rarawa, Ko te Aupouri, ko Ngapuhi nga Iwi. Kei Papakura toku kaianga inianei.

Recruitment Relationship Manager 3BF

I love the kaupapa of 3BF and the opportunity it offers to bring Maori and Pacific people out of the manual/blue collar roles they have been typically type cast in, and to support them to showcase the myriad of talents, aptitude and abilities that are unique to them. It is a privilege to build relationships with organizations that appreciate the talent pool available and recognize the capabilities and strengths that our people bring through their unique cultural lenses. It is very rewarding to be able to marry up an organization with our talent pool in a connection that is beneficial to all.

Tania Watarawi

Rarotonga and Ireland.

3BF Support Administrator.

I carry out all forms of administration including reports, research and data entry. What I love about 3BF; I love the big family atmosphere and being part of a team who help our people whether young or older to realise better futures for themselves.

Brittany Teei

Founder and Managing Director.

3BF gives our youth the opportunity to learn skills that are relevant for life and gives them a platform, a head start, in preparing them for a successful life for themselves. The skills and knowledge they learn through 3BF youth programmes are a direct response to the demands of the 21st century workforce and 3BF helps our young people to prepare adequately for today’s world.

In our 3BF recruitment agency, I love that we are able to support and advocate for our candidates to break into their chosen field of work and open doors for them to create their own futures for themselves. Overall, it really is just a blessing to be able to support others to create their futures and achieve their goals. read more

Tevan Brandt

Digital Communication

I collaborate with the 3BF whanau to cultivate our communication channels.

What I love about my role is that no day is the same. I interview industry mentors, represent 3BF at events and use digital media to showcase the incredible results that our candidates have achieved through 3BF programmes. 

The constant is that I am always inspired by every individual’s unique story, whether that is meeting an industry mentor or someone who is embarking on their tech journey.