“3 Bags Full opens doors for you to step through and take your place in the world.”

Ama can’t recall an ‘aha’ career moment. She says it’s a similar trend with many Pasifika families where ‘there’s no room to think about what we want in life because our families are our lives and we support them.’

Ama studied computer science because her Aunty told her of the need for Pasifika women in the industry and guaranteed work. She decided to follow this pathway because ‘guaranteed work meant guaranteed money’ to help the family out.

“3 Bags Full supported me and I trusted that they were always in my corner trying to get me employed. When I was rejected from a role it seemed that they were angrier than me! Knowing that they were also trying to get me in the tech industry gave me that added confidence when I walked into an interview that if this didn’t go through, I had a team there willing to support me and help me find another open door.

“Through transparent communication and support, they built a relationship with me, connected with me, and in return I was able to open up with them and let them know where I wanted to go career wise. The team supported me by always letting me know they were there wanting to help however they could and for that I’ll be forever thankful – oue tolou, fakaaue lahi mahaki Whānau!”

Amaryah took her place in the world as an Information Security Analyst at Kiwibank in 2022.

3 Bags Full – Creating futures for Māori and Pacific

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