Charm Tuala

It was great to be able to share what 3BF is doing because I feel that this company should have more recognition for what they do and how they help our youth. Recently I have been selected to be a part of a youth advisory group (Le Va) where we support the mental health of Pasifika. In a way for me […]

Amaryah Halo

“3 Bags Full opens doors for you to step through and take your place in the world.” Ama can’t recall an ‘aha’ career moment. She says it’s a similar trend with many Pasifika families where ‘there’s no room to think about what we want in life because our families are our lives and we support them.’ Ama studied computer science because […]

Ruth James, Xero

When we’re interviewing 3BF candidates we know they’ve been brought through the 3BF programme based on understanding of and respect of the whole person; who they are, where they come from, what their hopes and dreams are, not just their qualifications… Ruth James, Tech Outreach & Engage Coordinator, XERO 3 Bags Full – Creating futures for Māori and Pasifika

Sue Veitch, Auckland Council

Recently we’ve hired two candidates through 3BF, one into our ICT trouble shooting team, and one into our process team. We picked them because they were the best candidates; even though neither were working in IT. I can give strong feedback and because 3BF know and understand the candidate, they can feed it back in a nurturing way… Sue Veitch, ICT […]

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